A Brief Insight Of Facts That Steered The Growth and Success Of Estee Lauder Company

William Lauder does not require any introduction when it comes to explaining the achievements of the famous Estee Lauder Company. He is the grandson of the famous lady Estee Lauder who founded this beauty business. Presently, he is the Executive Chairman and Chairman of Board of Directors. He started serving the Company in this capacity since the year 2009. He was also the CEO or the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer for a considerable period of time. Being the CEO (July 2004- June 2009), the Company has made huge progress under his guidance and tutelage.

He expanded the Estee Lauder business not just within the country but also overseas and monitored the progress of the retail business, distribution channels too. Throughout his association with the Estee Lauder Company, he has held topmost senior positions.

Despite the fact that his personal life has been rude when he had to divorce from his wife he never allowed his emotions to overrule his professional commitments. Even when others were not very happy about the turn of events in the William Lauder divorce , he stood the tests of time. It was his determination, steadfastness, perseverance, patience, love for work and the Company that kept him moving on in his professional life.

William Lauder is known not just for his keen business instinct and love for work, he is also into social work and loves helping people in need. He is serving at present as the member of Board of Directors of Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Jarden Corporation.

Aside from being engaged into social work, he can as well be called an educationist to some extent. He was invited to deliver lecture on the subject “Decision Making in the Leadership Chair”. It is one of the better lectures delivered so far and it won’t be wrong to say that the students of second year of Master of Business Administration of University of Pennsylvania have just loved it. It became an instant hit with the students.

He completed his studies from The Trinity School in New York and from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Aside from this he also earned his Executive Training program from Macy’s in New York City. William Lauder is the son of Leonard Lauder and Evelyn Lauder. He has taken the Company to such heights even though the news of William Lauder divorce made headlines. The Estee Lauder Company is known for producing beauty products, the quality of which is unparalleled.