Captivating Garden May Well Sell Your Home

A household that looks lovely doesn’t stay that way without some time, effort and TLC – and first impressions do matter in real estate sales. However immaculate your home interior design may be, your house will probably lose the sales contract race to high figures up against a home with an overwhelming curb appeal and a beautifully landscaped garden.

According to some studies, a well-maintained yard may increase overall real estate value by 5-15 percent, so don’t overlook the outdoor area if you want to maximize your house sale price. Here, have some tips on how to turn your garden into the asset that will up your property value.

Captivating Garden May Well Sell Your Home

Clean up your Garden Act

Before you bring potential buyers over for a preliminary tour of the house, clean up your garden and throw away any needless elements, be they large of small, which do not contribute to a charming yard look. The best time for the yard cleaning project is at least three weeks before the show – this way, your outdoor area will not come across as if it was dolled up in the last minute.

Pick the Right Outdoor Container Plants

For added visual interest, deck your garden, doorway and patio with attractive container plants. The list of resilient and colorful outdoor plant types that can significantly increase your home’s market value includes large tropicals, different shrub varieties and evergreens, but you can use any other greenery you think could contribute to the garden appeal and real estate value.

Captivating Garden May Well Sell Your Home

Add a Dash of Color to Liven up your Backyard

Another convenient method to make your yard look like a million bucks, bright-colored seasonal flowers are extremely cost-efficient and require relatively low gardening maintenance. To maximize visual interest of your backyard, pick flowers in 2-3 tones that combine well and supplement the look of your home – or, go monochromatic blossom-wise for a discreet garden effect.

Shape up your Leafy Yard Tenants

If you already have a rich garden with lush trees and shrubs, make sure they’re in good shape when the potential buyers show up. This means finishing up pruning, trimming and shaping of your leafy backyard tenants well ahead of the home tour time, so if you haven’t been a conscientious gardener until now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start clipping.

Tend to Pathways and Paved Surfaces

When sprucing up your garden before house show, don’t forget to take care of the pathways, patios and other paved surfaces. Power-wash the smooth areas, repair any broken or visibly damaged patio slabs or tiles, and consider getting some eye-catching clay pavers if you don’t already have them in your backyard. Even recently paved surfaces can look horrible if gone grungy through neglect – and buyers tend to notice such fine property details.

Captivating Garden May Well Sell Your Home

Freshen up the Water Features

If you have a water fountain, small pond, pool or a similar water feature in your garden, clean them up and oust algae, rotting leaves and other litter floating around screaming utter garden neglect. Also, clean water filters and repair any leaks or visible plumbing damage unless you’re all too eager to reveal to the buyer all your real estate’s soft spots that can bring your final house price down a notch.

Touch up your Perennial Beds

Perennial beds can go shabby and dull over time, so if you have any herbaceous plants in your garden that have lost their lovely shape or color, you’d better trim, water and tidy them up. Weeds have no place in a well-maintained backyard, so oust these too ASAP and add mulch for ideal color contrast. Also, remove any dead greenery and replace it with decorative details or fresh plants – you probably wouldn’t buy a hotbed of still life yourself, would you?

If you’re ready to sell your house and all that goes with it, make sure you have all your real estate bases covered. Garden is an important aspect of any home that can up or cut the final sale price, so don’t overlook its potential – you’ll thank us after you’ve signed the contract.