Efficiently Organise The Team Work With Advanced Features Of Office 365

Office 365 is the latest buzz in the office software solutions. Microsoft have made the required changes that can enhance the utility through cost efficient way. It can be used in many fields and there a number of business groups who are going to benefit by the features that are loaded onto the office 365. You do not have to fear to change over to the new platform as your old pals like word, excel, PowerPoint and outlook are right there where you want them to be.

Some features such as the free cloud project software and so many other add-ons have really rejuvenated the look and feel of the office. Now you get lot more than just applications. Team manager can have better control with the office 365 planner. Let the team spirits fly high with the dedicated tools made specially to build in teamwork.

Office 365 Planner

There are umpteen things that the planner can do for you and your team. It makes planning easy and implementation of the same much more efficient. You can do the following with planner:

  • Make plans
  • Organise events
  • Allot tasks
  • Share files and document
  • Chat with your fellow subordinates

Not only is the tool easy to launch but it is also easy to work on this user friendly planner. There is an option to sub categorising the plans into task and clearly segregate the work allotted to individuals. Status of the tasks can be updated on timely basis.


Team work can be worked out in a better way if there is transparency among the members. Office 365 does just that by providing a My Task segment wherein every member will know their tasks and where they stand in the entire plan. Also, the team members can know the progress of their work and also that of their other team members.

Attach files

Sharing of files has never been so easy with Office 365. Just check the Office 365 Business Plans ,where you get the complete tutorial of how things work under the planner. Members of the team can easily share the files by a simple click. The same file may be needed by multiple members and instead of attaching it through the mails and make things complicated; planner will help in viewing of the file by multiple users. Discussion and chat can be done on my planner of office 365 saving time and effort: http://www.o365cloudexperts.com/office-365-business/

Stay updated and informed

The team manager can know the progress of the plan and make necessary changes as and when required. The charts will make an automatic update depending upon the work of the members of the team. This way information is received with no loss of time and the managers have better control of their team.

Email notification

Just because you are in the group doesn’t close your other features. You can add on other people in your team list and you will get the notification of the mails sent by them. This way you will be given the option to integrate the complete requirement of a team manager in one single stop.


This is another feature that can help team to schedule meetings and other important event well in advance. Customisation of the calendar is possible giving greater flexibility.

Cloud software

Another fascinating aspect of Office 365 is their free cloud software. The files are stored on cloud which means that the team can access them from anywhere. Even the members of the team who are scattered at different location will be able to get the files required by them at any time through cloud storage.


The pricing of office 365 is very reasonable and is suitable even for the small business firms. You must get the best experts like  http://www.o365cloudexperts.com/ who will be able to better guide you through the office 365 installations and usage.