The Benefits Of Having Healthy Grass Keep Their Lawns Green

Green healthy lawnThe Benefits Of Having Healthy Grass Keep Their Lawns Greens

Healthy lawns not only beautify the neighborhood but is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the nature with family and friends.There are many benefits of well maintained healthy lawn. Green healthy lawns have the cooling effect of air conditioning. it creates a relaxing space to enjoy the natural beauty. Above the grass, on a hot summer day, the air temperature is 30 degrees F cooler than on a paved surface.

A green grassy healthy lawn affects people’s moods by providing a feeling of serenity, peacefulness, beauty, and happiness. A thick green grass has a calming influence on children struggling with attention deficit disorder. Research at the University of Illinois has shown that green play settings have cognitive benefits for children with ADHD.

A Green healthy lawn is a natural provider for our ecosystem. Grass benefits the soil by contributing to its organic matter. Dense lawns absorb rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field. It also prevents erosion of precious topsoil and prevents phosphorous from leaking into our streams and rivers. healthy lawn also traps the dirt and dust released into the atmosphere annually.

Healthy grass can keep your family healthy for both children and adults. A thick dense lawn is a very good place to play. It provides a safe play surface which is appealing for kids and adults to have fun out in the sun and support other outdoor activities that encourage good healthy living.

Dense Lawns purify the water entering the underground layers of soil aquifers through which water can easily move. the soil microbes along with the lawn root mass act as a filter which breaks down the pollutants in the environment.

With child obesity growing kids are more tempted to spend any free time indoors watching TV, play video games or computers instead of playing outside. Having a healthy, green lawn or outdoor park a place to play outside in nature would make a huge difference. some studies showed that kids living in neighborhoods with more green space are more likely to be more physically fit than the ones living amid few trees.

Athletic playing fields with thick dense grass have proven to be much safer for athletes. Thick green grass provides a safe place to play backyard games or organized sports. A dense green lawn provides a better play surface because it reduces sports injuries to athletes when they fall. Grass fields are much safer for athletes than synthetic turfs.

Healthy green grass can also keep adults fit and active by providing good exercise for grownups. Taking care of your lawn and keeping it green and healthy can give you workout and fun and safe family time outdoors in nature.

It is noted that hospitalized patients recover faster when patients rooms faced a landscape area than the patients without landscape view. Research has shown that green grass, a healthy lawn has been linked to longer life for seniors, less stress, faster recovery from injury, lower body mass, and overall wellbeing.

A healthy, vibrant green lawn increases the real estate market value of the home and its sale. According to a survey result, 62% of homeowners felt that spending on lawns and landscaping is definitely better than other home improvements. According to the buyers well maintained Lawns and landscaping add 15 % to the home’s value.

Green grass is so simple but very important to our environment, it is the center of the food web. A well-maintained lawn could be more than just a status symbol. Healthy green grass in the lawn is an asset to your home. It is an important part of nature and it should be well maintained. A healthy green lawn is a source of oxygen and conditioned air and a source of beauty.