Holiday Party Ideas and Where To Rent Everything

A lot of holiday Christmas parties are already planned and reservations made, yet some businesses have yet to get the ball rolling. This typically happens because everyone is struggling to find new holiday party inspiration. There are only so holiday party ideas to go around, and everyone is more than willing to avoid the ugly sweater theme. If you’re stuck in a rut this holiday season, have no fear, event planners like the ones at Archive Rentals have more holiday party ideas in their bag of tricks that they are the Santa Claus’ of party planning.

Holiday Party Ideas and Where To Rent Everything

Start With A Theme

The theme is the hardest part to nail down when it comes to planning a party. The reality is, the theme is half done already. Just look outside. You can get holiday party inspiration from taking a short walk around your neighborhood. You can bring festive lights and colors into your decorating plans.

Getting Your Rentals

When reviewing companies with tables and chairs for rent, make sure you ask about decorating the chairs and tables. Most places give you some type of freedom to decorate them, but have some requirements as well. Most places will not let you use any sort of glue or tape on their products. This is because both types of adhesives can remove the finish of their products, leaving you responsible to cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Get Creative With Activities

Every party must have some type of event as the focal point. Most of the time it is a gift exchange or bonuses handed out to employees. You can opt to go against the grain and have a cast-off’s exchange. Ask people attending the party to wrap up a gift they received last year that never seemed to make it to the return line. While this can sometimes be viewed as a tacky thing to do, when everyone is sharing in the fun, it can turn into a night filled with roaring laughter. The point of the party is to relax and have fun, so make sure whatever you do, is something everyone can get behind and enjoy.