Choose the Best ATM Company For Your Business

An exceptional ATM Company should provide its customers with the following facilities.

  • You should be able to buy an ATM of your own choice.
  • You should be able to install an ATM that the company already owns.
  • The ATM should be installed securely. It means it should be carefully bolted to the floor.
  • An experienced technician should program your ATM.
  • The company should set up the ATM transaction processing.
  • The ATM should regularly be loaded with plenty of cash.
  • The company should have capability of providing proper maintenance and repair.
  • The ATM should be covered under insurance.
  • The company should also provide a toll-free tech support helpline in case any customer experience any problem.

What a basic ATM setup should include?

It should include the following:

  • It should be pre-programmed.
  • It should have an electronic lock.
  • It should have free transaction processing.
  • It should have an EMV card reader.
  • It should have unlimited receipt paper rolls.
  • It should contain a lighted LED ATM window sign.

Choose the best ATM company

Choose Prineta which is one the best ATM companies. Let’s take a look at their services.

ATMs: Prineta is a private and a non-bank independent ATM deployer/operator that offers full-service ATM placement as well as cash management services across the United States as well as Canada. It offers factory-direct ATM sales and processing. They sell new ATMs  at wholesale cost and offer the most competitive prices in the country. All the ATMs come properly equipped with an EMV card-reader, an electronic vault lock, a lighted LED ATM window sign as well as unlimited supply of paper. The ATMs the company provide are properly configured as well as programmed before they are shipped. The ATM purchases include free transaction processing services.

Shipping services:

All the ATMs that the company sell are transported through express shipping with lift-gate service. There is no additional cost for that. Lots of companies do not include shipping in the package. That’s why you will have to lift the machine off the truck yourself.


It takes 5 to 10 business days to ship.

  • 1-2 days are required if you are opting for electronic funds transfer.
  • If you are paying with check, it requires waiting for the check to arrive through mail and then an additional time for the check to clear.
  • A few documents must be completed by the customer. In this the company set up customer’s record and get the required information that is needed to program the ATM. Usually it takes a day or two for completion of documents. Sometimes it takes up to a week.
  • After that 5 to 10 days are required for shipping services.


The most intriguing thing is that you will get a one year manufacturer’s parts warranty. If a part breaks or gets damaged, you can send it to the manufacturer and get replacement without bearing any cost.